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VA is now prescribing oxycodone made by Rhodes pharma to its chronic pain patients. This stuff is pure garbage. IT DOES NOT WORK!!! I went through withdrawal and was sick for a week as soon as they switched me to this. I, like countless other reviewers now live with increased pain, nausea, upset stomach and depression. My life has been turned upside down. I prefere to buy here because i get exactly the best pharma pills i need. Thank you for helping me

Kesha Dowdel Hall

Fast shipping, great product, great stealth, great vendor. Highly recommend


Perfect and trusted  100% trusted overnight delivery was received the next day i appreciate your effords, will be back for more 

Roger Martinez

Your services are great  Just received my package in good health  Thanks


Took 3 days total from start to finish but they seem decently potent and ive got a massive tolerance i can eat 5 or more pharma grades at a time overnight little slow on shipping, 3 days, but happy overall.

Perfect place for shopping 

Mike Gust

Nice products but i don't know how to order on here could you make it more easier to place an order 




 ist ein Ort zum Einkaufen.  Tolle Produkte und Preise sind irgendwie cool.  Ich war das erste Mal hier und habe alles bekommen, was ich will.  Mach weiter so, danke

Artemio Popochas

Congratulations on your services. Great products and fast shipping i am so gappy to found this pharmacy i wouldn't get my prescriptions from anywhere else but here 

Elizabeth Sanchez

Highly recommended. Best Online Drugstore  100% accurate in delivery, fast and perfect communication  best services ever thanks


Great place! Very friendly order arrived today and quality is great

Justin Barnes

The best customer service in the business. If you need any medication for your anxiety and depression they will get the best. Highly recommended


Absolutely the best place to order drugs online. 100% accurate in delivery! Thank you sir. 

Ron Sadler

Hands down absolutely the best place to get medications online.  Wouldn't waste my time or money anywhere else.

Micheal Goos

Top noch customer service and great prices.. But to be honest i would spend more than they charge just to have ther great customer service. Cant say enough good things about the way they treated me and my family. Dreanland pharmacy has me and my family as a customer for life. Thanks once more sir

David Wynn

Ä°nmesi biraz uzun sürse de harika, ancak genel olarak evime teslim ettiÄŸim için memnunum. teslimatta biraz hızlı olmaya çalışın. teÅŸekkür ederim


“Detailed description helped, quick check out”

Cathy B

“Best prices and great customer service”

Candace R

“First time ordering here. So far so good!”


“Called before I ordered my package for some additional information. Staff quickly answered my questions and recommended products that best suited my needs. Great service.”

David Rivers

Customer service was very helpful. Fast Shipping!


Great place to order from!..the only place I order from

Andy lee

Thumbs up! Ordered on Monday and received this morning amazing. I would love to order again


I must Dreamland Pharmacy is one to help my life. Having been through two combat tours in the Army, psychologically I was not in great shape every vet is different, for me I was basically crippled by GAD and sometimes over 15 panic attacks a day, one rolling over into another. SSRIs (and I tried them all) helped but not enough to get me on an even keel so as to function in the world. I was 24 when my psychiatrist put me on Klonopin. 9 years later I have a wonderful wife, a beautiful son, and a career that brings me great pride. NONE of this would have been possible without the help I received from taking Klonopin! I would recommend 

Devin Dawdy

After suffering with insomnia my entire adult life a friend recommended me to this pharmacy. I've been using Clonazepam for sleep for 12 years but i did not know it was fake until i started ordering from Dreamlandpharmacy. 0.5 to 1mg nightly. Sleep like a baby and wake feeling refreshed and really good. No side effects at all! If you suspect your insomnia is due to anxiety, you must give this a try.”

Shane Flood

I have suffered from anxiety on and off throughout my life depending on circumstances going on around me. With the last 2+ years , lockdowns, isolation, starting a new job I found a slow buildup coming for a while and it finally hit me about a month ago. I take Zoloft but when I get really bad Klonopin is an absolute life saver, LITERALLY. I just try to limit when and how I take it. I read my body and if it is evening time and I feel my panic and stress level rising and know I won't sleep I take a .5mg and it helps very quickly

Kati Walker

I have been on Suboxone for a year and a half and it has been a godsend. If it weren't for Suboxone I would probably be dead, no joke

David Edwards

I have needed to take Oxycodone for years treating chronic pain. After trying near all generics Activis brand always seemed most effective providing pain relief while not negatively effecting energy or attitude. Recently my pharmacy unfortunately switched to Mallinckrodt due supply issues and was recomended here after placing my first order i realised they have the real oxy i needed for my painrelief. I would also recomend this pharmacy for anyone suffering from pain here you will have good medication

Gregory Barnes


Richard Milligan

I'm not happy with this pharmacy i placed an order and no one ever boredered contacting me when i really needed my meds. Poor service

Victoria Lloyd

Reliable! I will be back soon for more 

Kirk Larsen

Great website fast communication and quick delivery. My father is a 58 year-old Parkinson's disease sufferer with severe back and neck pain. He is 6'5 with a heavy/bulky build (not fat) and his weight was always around 250 lbs, now 300 since going on Xtampza. Dr you havw gain a new customer because you have saved my fathers life from pain

Tasha Mckinney

Wonderful experince with Dreamland Pharmacy. I have been on Suboxone for a year now and it has been a great help for me. If it weren't for Suboxone I would probably be dead. So far I've been lucky and my insurance still pays for name brand. For those who claim the generics are exactly the same, that's rubbish. I am glad generics work for some of you but I'm a pharmacology student and I will let you in on a little FDA secret. As long as the active ingredients are the same medication as name brand the FDA allows a generic to be 40% weaker or up to 20% stronger than name brand, this applies to all the generic medications, not just Suboxone.

Brandon Skepta

Anxiety sucks! Stomach in a knot. Wanting to die. Then I take my Klonopin and a warm feeling envelops me. I'm suddenly calm since Dr Chris put me on Klonopin. I'm reasonable and rational. The violence in my heart temporarily melts away. I'm not angry anymore. I take a short vacation from misery. Then I blissfully drift off to sleep. I won't take it often because I don't want to become addicted. But when things get unbearable, my Klonopin soothes my racing mind. Would recommend Dreamland for anyone suffering from anxiety

Dean Williams

Great price and delivered on time. I am a repeat customer and will be again.

Kandall Foster

Very satisfied with overall experience.

Chris Kuhlman

Very professional, courteous interactions and communications. Kept up to date with any issues and given options to resolve any issues or concerns. Would recommend 

Rexanne Bandelow

Good prices, better than through my normal process , pretty quick delivery. Been buying from Dreamland Pharmacy for years now

Lene Hodges

Fast shipping! Would recommend

Savanna Dooley

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